We would like to thank these people and organisations for their

generous contributions to The Salt Maiden film production fund and/ or for services for the film.

The Salt Maiden is proudly sponsored by Redland City Council.


The Salt Maiden Major Sponsor

Robert Neilson, Managing Partner, Tyger Venture Partners


Dugong Major Sponsor

Redland City Council





Special Thanks

Residents of Coochiemudlo Island

David and Gayle Morgan

Coochiemudlo Island Ferry Service

Coochiemudlo Barge – Amity Trader

Coochiemudlo Island Progress Association

More to Redlands

QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

QLD Department Traffic & Main Roads

Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE

Griffith Film School

Organise Internet

Bayside Bulletin

Peter and Gaye Richardson

Coochiemudlo Island Seminara Apartments

Quirky Cottages

Ormiston House

Grandview Hotel

B&G Catering

Redlands Removal and Storage

The Bayview on Coochie


Dugongs   –  Executive Producer

Robert Neilson, Tyger Venture Partners


Redland City Council

Coochiemudlo Island Progress Association

Keith Virtue

Curlews – Associate Producer 



Bullys  –  Producer Credit

Coochiemudlo Island Progress Association

Mark Bowden & Maree Coombs

Louise Denisenko

Maura Fitzgerald

Donna Franklin

Lisa Frese

Andrew Gaffney  Know Logo

Joanne Hall

Harlos Productions Pty Ltd

David & Elly Hunter  Coochie Boat Hire

Amanda Kane

Ellen Lewry

Richard Milne

Rose Milne

Robert Neilson

Angeligue Papadelias Little Screen Big Screen Pty Ltd

Leigh & Kylie Purdie

Leroy Plummer

Kat Sharp


Redlands Arts Council

Jason Roe

Triny Roe

Keith Virtue

Maree Yates


Tinnies  –  Sponsors

Barbara Callow

Toni Cannard

Jaqueline Cresswell

Kerrie Denman

Antoinette Drennan

Georgie Edwards

Michelle Harris

Chris Hocking Late Nite Films

Annie Jamieson

Kim Knucky

Cameron Moore

Tfer Newsome

Steve O’Hara

John O’Sullivan

Kate Toon

Ann Wright

Pauline Wright